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כבל אודיוקווסט Speaker Cables - PSC BiWire Jumpers

Solid PSC Copper Jumpers replace stamped jumpers supplied with BiWirable speakers. Four 4" jumpers. Choose: 1-BiWire Jumpers-G (Direct-Gold Plated) or 2-BiWire Jumpers-S (Direct-Silver Plated)
110,00 ₪

כבל אודיוקווסט HDMI pearl1.0m

כבל אודיוקווסט HDMI pearl1.0m
120,00 ₪

כבל אודיוקווסט HDMI Forest - USB-A to USB-B

In 1982 Sony gave us "Perfect sound forever," along with the attitude that, "it's just digital, so all CD players sound the same." That was disproved and qualitative differences between players became accepted truth. Next came separate transport and DAC combos, which brought with it the attitude that "all S/PDIF digital audio cables sound the same..." until that too became disproved. Now the frontier has moved once again. Is digital audio really just ones and zeros? We don't believe so, and once you've had a chance to listen to Forest USB, you won't think so either...
120,00 ₪

כבל אודיוקווסט HDMI Pearl 48 8k -10k אורך 0.5M

Sound first. While 8K and other compelling video/gaming features make the HDMI headlines, AudioQuest’s 48 and eARC-Priority Series HDMI cables are our best-sounding HDMI cables yet. The greater precision and tighter manufacturing tolerances required to deliver HDMI cables that transfer up to 48Gbps bandwidth mean all of AudioQuest’s tried-and-true ingredients and techniques matter every bit as much as ever before. Forest 48 features 0.5% Silver-Plated Copper conductors that have been direction-controlled for the most efficient dissipation of radio-frequency noise.
130,00 ₪

ULTIMATE HDMI Digital Video Cable HDMI 2.0 Bandwidth 18 Gbps

HDR supported cable with excellent performance for all types of devices
172,00 ₪

ACROSS HDMI Digital Video Cable HDMI 2.0 Bandwidth 21 Gbps with Easy Duct Passing

ACROSS HDMI is the Best Solution to the problem of corrugated installation, because its connector can be removed before going into the conduit and then easily reassembled even by an inexperienced hand.
204,00 ₪