כבל לרמקולים ricable סדרת DEDALUS

Manufacturer: ricable
Vendor: audioclub
Delivery date: 7 ימי עסקים
2,350.00 ₪
כבל לרמקולים ricable סדרת DEDALUS DEDALUS SPEAKER - Hi-End Audio Cable Speaker Shielded for Loudspeakers Hi-Fi with Noise Reduction כבלים לרמקולים היי אנד תוצרת איטליה . המחיר ל2X2 מטר .
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50 pF/m


3.4 Ω/km

Watt RMS supported

650 W RMS Max

External Diameter

Ø 16 mm

Conductors Section

6.4 mm²

Construction Conductors

750 wires per conductor

Strand Diameter

0,10 mm

Material Conductors

MARC Pure Copper 7N 99.99999%


Twistati Conductors

Dielectric Insulating

R-TEC Technopolymer

External Shielding

Tinned OFC Copper Braid

External Protection

High Density Sheath with Polyethylene/Nylon Sock

Connector Material

Alloy Copper Tellurium


24 K Gold plated

Connectors Features

Professional BFA Banana with reinforcing plug, 24 K Gold plated Copper/Tellurium alloy body, Gold plated with specific electrolysis technique Gold/Copper, Magnetic Shell

Special Features

RNR - Germanium Noise Reduction System