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YBA Passion 650 never hides its origins. It’s a music lover’s amplifier that clearly translates Yves-Bernard André’s vision and passion. The 650 has more than enough potency in its design to translate music with power, dynamics, natural transparency and most important, correct timbre and musical imprint. Passion needs no second guesses. Seamless integration of technology in the service of music is evident even after those first few musical notes.
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Within its price range Passion 650 offers one of the most complete power amplifier packages that bring not only great sound, but standout aesthetics. In this day and age YBA offers great value and pleasure for both the ears and the eyes! There are eye catching details like the power output meter on the front panel and the heatsinks on either side shaped into the company name.

The power amplifier rests on three feet; one in front, two in the back, which is synonymous with YBA. The mains power switch is hidden from sight on the bottom panel, towards the front edge. The backlight brightness is adjustable in four steps from the remote control unit, and can also be switched off altogether. The amplifier’s rear panel includes two pairs of gold plated speaker outputs – speaker A has the higher quality sound. It has stereo RCA and balanced inputs plus a mono balanced input if it is to be used in bridged mono mode.

YBA’s BALANCED input / output explanation

All our preamplifiers or CD players offer true balanced output.

Amplifiers have a balanced input with 27kohm on pin 2 and 3, excepted Heritage and Design series. The design of the circuit inside the unit (and not outside) is symmetrical in all YBA products allowing us to have no passive component on the way of the signal, which is more important for YBA.

Regardless of whether we supply true balanced or not, we always recommend RCA input and output for the following reasons:

In balanced, you have one stage taking care of the positive part of the signal and a second stage taking care of the negative and then you add both together to receive or to send to another unit (amplifier, preamplifier).  In adding them you create something that nobody wants; it is a cross distortion.

You experience this distortion because a perfect amplifier does not exist, and you are using 3 different amplifiers to achieve ‘true balance’ but these amplifiers do not have not the same behaviour and are never identical.

Moreover, your power supply is supplying all these amplifiers and then is not as powerful and efficient.

You increase the output stage impedance and then you have less control. Sometimes, it seems better because everything is less on control and the bass is smoother. The gain is higher (the noise also!).

But it is not the truth.

The quality of the XLR contact is only a piece of metal and is of less quality than a good RCA connector.

The only reason to be true balanced is when you are using very long cable in professional studios to avoid humming problems. This is the reason it became fashionable and we see today that even a poor Japanese product can provide balanced outputs and inputs.

We provide balanced XLR connectors for those customers who want or who need absolutely use these connectors for very long cables.

This is normally very rare in domestic installations.

Product type

Power Amplifier

Audio Outputs

2 Pairs Speaker Outputs

Power Outputs

Stereo 200W @ 8 Ohms per channel
Stereo 400W @ 4 Ohms per channel
Mono 600W @ 8 Ohms bridged



Frequency Response

20Hz – 20kHz (-0.5dB)

THD+N (20Hz - 20kHz)



1 RCA, 1 Balanced Input (Stereo)
1 Balanced Input (Mono)

Power Supply

Linear power supply with high performance UICore
transformer 1000VA

Color / Finish

Natural aluminium

Dimensions (w x d x h)

430 x 397 x 178mm


25 kg

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