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Phono Preamplifier

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YBA manufactures its own MC transformer. Moving coils are known for their dynamic qualities, definition, wide bandwidth, coupled with great realism of reproduction. These qualities are attributable to the same principle of operation of moving coils that make them ideal generators. This explains their continued success with demanding users.
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The PH1 caters for MM, low output MC and high output MC cartridges. Never connect MM and MC cartridges at the same time as there will be a possibility with the high amplification factor that some noise could occur at the output stage. The selector control on the front panel of the PH1 has only two options(MM or MC) even though it accepts high output MC. The circuitry has been designed so that it will automatically sense which type of moving coil cartridge is being used and settings will adjust accordingly provided the correct selection is made from the toggle switch on the rear panel.
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YBA - Heritage PH100 Phono Preamplifier

While many of today’s lower cost phono stages are physically very small, we took the decision with the Ph100 to produce a narrow but full depth product. Too often we see cables that are either plainly visible or alternatively if placed closer to the rear of an amplifier, the weight of the cables can destabilize the phono stage.
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