Custom Signal S7E - 7.3 mm AM-RCC Shielded Audio Signal Cable

Производитель: ricable
27,50 ₪
Bipolar signal cable to make RCA, XLR or Microphone signal cables ideal for professional use. Available by the metre or in pre-packaged coils and spools, it is ideal for home and professional installations.
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S7E Custom Signal

Ricable Custom S7E is a Hi-Fi signal cable for the production of Stereo Analogue, Unbalanced or Balanced signal cables. Derived from Ricable R&D department, it has conductors made of AM-RCC Copper with a purity grade of 7N 99.9999%, much higher than OFC copper.

The design of this cable was created to meet the needs of those who require a high-performance cable that is particularly flexible and robust. The ideal use is therefore in the professional world or in installers, but it remains a valid support for the realisation of Hi-Fi cables for domestic use.

Twisted conductors, Polyethylene dielectric to lower capacitance. Double shielding, copper coiled and Aluminium/Mylar.
Ricable Custom S7E Signal is designed, manufactured and packaged entirely in Italy. Production is carried out with constant quality control in order to guarantee long-lasting performance. For this reason we are able to provide a lifetime WARRANTY on our product.  

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