Custom RNH - 4-piece Kit Hi-End RCA Solder Connectors 10 mm.

Производитель: ricable
265,00 ₪
HI-End RCA connectors ideal for making custom cables. Kit of 4 pieces marked for left and right channel.
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Custom RNH

RCA connectors with a 24K gold-plated body, specially designed and developed for wiring stereo signal cables. The kit consists of 2 connectors marked Red (Right Channel) and two marked White (Left Channel).

Custom RNH is designed to significantly improve the transit of the audio signal, as follows:

  • Maximum input cable cross-section: 10 mm.
  • Fixing Cable with screw
  • One-piece body 24K Gold Plated
  • Non-magnetic housing
  • 8 Oversized ground rings with professional screw clamping
  • Hot expansion pole
  • Teflon insulation
  • Overall connector length: 52 mm.
  • Max. connector outer diameter: 13


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