Custom Coaxial CXD8 - 75 Ohm Shielded 9.2 mm AM-RCC Digital Audio Cable

Производитель: ricable
72,50 ₪
75 Ohm coaxial cable for high quality digital connections. Available by the metre or in pre-packaged coils and spools, it is ideal for home and professional installations.
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CXD8 Custom Coaxial

Ricable Custom CXD8 is a High End Coaxial signal cable for the production of Digital Coaxial cables, but also a valid support for analogue signals. Derived from Ricable R&D department, it has conductors made of AM-RCC Copper with a purity grade of 7N 99.9999%, much higher than OFC copper.

1 mm2 AM-RCC copper conductor with a purity grade of 7N 99.9999% in very thin strands and a very flexible and resistant sheath. These conditions allow for easier installation and superior performance to cables of the same cross section and characteristics.

The use of top quality materials and AM-RCC copper allows for a high degree of cable flexibility, despite the generous conductor size and large overall diameter (9.3 mm).

The coaxial geometry with double shielding in high coverage copper Mylar/Aluminium and dielectric made of special expanded polyethylene, allows for maximum attenuation of EMI/RFI interference across the audio band and maintains a constant impedance of 75 Ohm.

Ricable Custom CXD8 Signal is designed, manufactured and packaged entirely in Italy. Production is carried out with constant quality control in order to guarantee long-lasting performance. For this reason we are able to provide a lifetime WARRANTY on our product. Ideal for making high quality Hi-Fi cables or for professional use where high quality standards are required.

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