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Chario Lynx

6 990,00 ₪

Speaker Stand

4 299,00 ₪

Chario Pegasus

18 200,00 ₪

רמקולים מדף Chario Cygnus

Chario’s traditional construction methods are used to ensure a detailed sound in any environment. Amazing dynamics and high sensitivity make it easy for any amplifier to drive. It's engineered to enhance your stereo, not burden it.
13 599,00 ₪

רמקולים מדף Chario Delphinius

8 490,00 ₪

רמקולים רצפתיים Chario Amelia

A distinctive shape, a loudspeaker that will make you rediscover the pleasure of listening. These speakers are very transparent. Voices and acoustical instruments are well reproduced with an extremely natural, life-like presentation. A very musical speaker with a sculptural figure able to enchant your eyes and ears.
20 800,00 ₪