רמקולים רצפתיים פוקאל ספקטראל FOCAL SPECTRAL40TH

Производитель: FOCAL
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רמקולים רצפתיים פוקאל ספקטראל FOCAL SPECTRAL40TH רמקולים היי אנד של FOCAL לרגל 40 שנה לחברה עכשיו אצלנו בסניף תל אביב הירקון 76 אודיו קלאב 03,5166919
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רמקולים רצפתיים פוקאל ספקטראל FOCAL SPECTRAL40TH



To develop a loudspeaker that embodied our heritage, whilst also integrating our modern technologies: this was our ambition for celebrating this special birthday. Taking inspiration from our former iconic loudspeaker models from the 1990s - Spectral 913.1, Futura Antea, Vega –, we created Spectral 40th.

Vibrant, precise and expressive sound


Spectral 40th is a 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker equipped with dynamic, high power handling speaker drivers which are fitted with the iconic K2 Power sandwich cone (aramid fibres), in its trademark yellow colour and reworked to include the very latest expertise from Focal’s teams for to achieve the best linearity possible and ensuring clear and precise sound.

The latest generation ‘M’-profile inverted dome tweeter delivers incredibly mellow and detailed sound, high efficiency as well as optimum power handling. In addition, the new choice of acoustic filtering uses specific components to extend the frequency range and the Powerflow™ vent system brings so much depth to the bass. Whatever the genre of music played, Spectral 40th delivers total listening pleasure, whether at high or low volume.


The finish on Spectral 40th is extremely high quality and sophisticated: the stiff, dampened cabinet (Gamma Structure) has gorgeous Walnut finish side panels, with a Black High Gloss lacquered body and a matte Graphite Black base. The materials are sublime and give this loudspeaker a neo-retro style that is quite simply one-of-a-kind.

Finally, thanks to the 1.97" (5cm) thick front baffle and the Gamma structure cabinet design featuring non-parallelism of the internal partitions along with extra stiffness and damping, Spectral 40th provides relief from any vibrations or distortion: every design detail serves to enhance the soundstage.

A unique neo-retro look

With Spectral 40th, enjoy a pure listening experience and a viewing pleasure

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