מֻמְחִיּוּת מוצרים - McIntosh Music Audio Stream and App

Производитель: McIntosh
Вендор: מוראל
Дата доставки: איסוף עצמי מהחנות, הירקון 76 תל אביב (לאחר קבלת אישור טלפוני)
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McIntosh Music is a free 24/7 audio stream dedicated to bringing you the best music from across genres and spanning the decades - all in a classic McIntosh interface. The music is a hand picked, eclectic mix ranging from the early days of rock and roll to modern classics with new tracks constantly being added. If it’s good music, there’s a good chance you’ll hear it on McIntosh Music. The stream is available to enjoy on a computer or as a standalone app for iPhone®, iPad®, Android phones and Android tablets. I

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